Your Fine Art Print

All prints are fine art, museum quality, printed by the artist, (me!) Heidi Straube.

The papers that I print on are art papers, not commercial photographic papers, so your art piece will reflect sophistication and beauty. I select papers that best enhance the mood and feeling of the image, and do not rush as I carefully craft your print to highlight its nuances and subtleties, and so it reflects the magic of its subject.

All papers and inks are archival to protect your print. if you purchase your image matted and framed, all materials used are also archival, so your art piece will last throughout legacies.

You'll find that seeing your favorite image on paper will far exceed the pleasure you experience by looking at your screen. Your print will bring more depth to the image, more feeling, and for many of the contemplative images, a softer, mystical feeling.

Elegance, beauty, love...that is what I share with you.


* Talk to me about sizes and pricing if you have a special place you'd like to hang my work, or a vision of a gift for a special person. I'm open to all ideas and want you to totally enjoy my work.