The art of photography is more than knowing what f-stop to use, how to capture the light, and how to make changes on your computer to make the “perfect” picture. The essence of a great photograph, one that truly rocks your soul, is much deeper than that. It comes from within the photographer, from the heart and soul.

The great photographer is shooting from an inner awareness; an connection with a truth that is unique only to her/him. This website is dedicated to deepening that connection, and helping us to improve the way we express ourselves in the world as photographers.

But the inner path of photography is not just for photographers. We can all use the art of photography to learn things about ourselves. This site is also intended for those seekers who want to live life to the fullest, and are open to the many ways to do so.

May you be inspired by the words on this blog, and may you participate in the dialogue that results.

And finally,  may you reach the place where you are able to honor the inner spirit, and by doing so, create the outer life, whether it be through photographs, relationships, or the many ways that you will live.


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Heidi Straube, M.Ed., LPC, is a photographer, transformational life counselor and muse.


Integrating her experience of twenty-five years in meditative practices, including Zen and yogic traditions, with twenty-five years as a career/life direction counselor, executive coach and contemplative psychotherapist, she has helped people to make life changes and transitions by honoring the deeper, spiritual self.


She applies these same principles in her work as a professional photographer and teacher as she honors the spirit within through visual expression.


Heidi has exhibited in the international photography expositions Recontres International de la Photographie, Aix-en-Provence, France, Houston FotoFest, and the Dominican Republic.


Also Flat Bed Press Gallery, Austin, TX, Houston Women’s Institute, Houston Public Libraries, and most recently at the Creative Arts Center, Chatham, Massachusetts, Cape Cod Art Association, and Archway Gallery Houston, where she received the award of Honorable Mention.


Heidi specializes in contemplative approaches to seascapes, meditative photo books, photo poems, and contemporary Japanese hanging and story scrolls as well as fine art, natural light portraiture (with special expertise in black & white).


“The Inner Path of Photography,” a class to enhance the intuitive, mystical path of photographers (of all skill levels), improving their pictures and their lives, and “You are the Artist of Your Life,” for adults and teens to explore and create life direction, whether in career, relationship, or lifestyle change, are two examples of experiences of retreats, classes, and photo tours that Heidi leads.


Heidi is the author of the photo book, I Dream of Galveston, her images capturing the peacefulness, fragile beauty, and silent gracefulness of the sea, children, and adults at Galveston, Texas beaches.


Her unique work as a photographer/psychotherapist has been featured in the Houston Chronicle.


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